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Safety Considerations with the Maxtrix Furniture System, Part 2

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The Maxtrix Furniture System makes safety a significant factor. In case you're not yet familiar with the magic of Maxtrix, here's a brief introduction: the very same Basic Bed can be transformed into a Toddler Daybed or elevated to various heights of Play Loft Beds, Storage Loft Beds, or Study Loft Beds, as well as combined with additional Maxtrix Beds in a variety of Bunk Bed Configurations. Maxtrix Storage Piece options as well as Maxtrix accessories create even more possibilities.

But without safety considerations, we're sure you'd agree that all that amazing versatility would be useless. In Part 1, we looked at how quality influences safety as well as how specific details relating to finishes and beds factor into the equation. Today, we'll consider safety features of various bed accessories: Guardrails and Handrails, Ladders and Slides, and Staircases.

Safety and Maxtrix Guardrails and Handrails

Did you know that Maxtrix beds include Guardrails that are the tallest in the industry?! Measuring 16 inches from the slat to the top of the rail, this can offer up to twice the required number of inches between mattress and top of rail, depending on the thickness of your mattress. In addition to the Guardrails that run along the sides of beds, Matrix includes extra-sturdy Handrails on all Angled Ladders, allowing your child to safely enter and exit his or her bed.

Safety and Maxtrix Ladders and Slides

Maxtrix Ladders are designed to be able to safely support the weight of children as well as their parents — how cool is that?! They also include slip-resistant safety grooves and meet or exceed all safety regulations. In addition to Straight Ladders, which are fairly typical for Loft Beds and Bunk Beds, Maxtrix offers the safer option of the wider Angled Ladder, complete with Handrails.

If you choose a Slide Loft Bed for your child, you can be sure that Maxtrix Slides are built with sturdiness in view and include a curved landing area and 3-inch-high sides, offering your child an extremely safe way to have fun.

Safety and Maxtrix Staircases

While Angled Ladders offer a safer option than Straight Ladders, Staircases offer even more protection for your cherished child. Not only do the stairs offer a larger surface area, but the position of a Staircase allows for less exposure to possibly fall to either side. With a sturdy, built-in Handrail, the Maxtrix Staircase is an extremely safe entrance option for any Maxtrix bed. The stairs even do double duty by offering hidden drawer space.

Because of the modular nature of the Maxtrix Furniture System, you can easily prioritize safety for your young children and then swap out various components as your child grows and space and style become more important. Need help deciding on a bed entrance option? We'll be going over that in an upcoming post.

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