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Making Choices with Maxtrix: Creating Loft Beds & Combining Multiple Beds

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The modular design of the Maxtrix® Kids Furniture System allows it to live up to its claim of "growing with your kids." The video below of a boys' bedroom being configured and re-configured using the Maxtrix system will give you a glimpse of the kind of magic which Maxtrix makes possible! Starting with some basic choices, you can begin building your child's Maxtrix bedroom set now and continue to change out coordinating pieces and suitable accessories as your child grows.

Maxtrix Basic Options

Any Maxtrix bedroom will begin with at least one Basic Bed and a few key storage pieces. You can choose from 5 sizes for each Maxtrix Bed: Twin, Twin XL, Full, Full XL, and Queen. In addition to size, you'll want to choose both a headboard style and a finish color. Headboard styles include Curved, Panel, and Slatted. Finish options are Chestnut, Natural, and White. Once you make those key choices, you'll be ready to build your child's first Maxtrix bedroom configuration.

Any Maxtrix Basic Bed can be elevated to various heights as a Loft Bed, paired with additional Basic Beds as part of a Bunk Bed, or used as a Daybed, Poster Bed, or Toddler Bed. Elevating a Maxtrix Bed or combining multiple Maxtrix Beds is a safe, sturdy possibility, thanks to the solid hardwood construction and rock-solid Rock-Lock Connectors.

Maxtrix Loft Options

If you choose to maximize floor space by elevating your Maxtrix Bed, you can do so by creating various heights and styles of Maxtrix Loft Beds. Height options include Low-Loft, Mid-Loft, and High-Loft options. (As your child grows, you can further elevate the bed to allow for more head space or more storage potential.) Once you choose a height, you can choose from entry methods: Straight Ladder, Angled Ladder, and Staircase.

Once height and entry option are selected, you'll have plenty of possibilities when it comes to how you will utilize the under-bed space. And don't worry: the modular design of Maxtrix allows you to easily decide on something that works for your child in his or her current stage and to then switch it up later on.

Maxtrix Multi-Bed Options

Did you know that a traditional Bunk Bed isn't the only way to add sleep space to your child's Maxtrix configuration? Instead of combining two beds the traditional way, you could choose to combine multiple Basic Beds into a Bunk Bed or give your children their own space with multiple Loft Beds. Another option is a Trundle Bed, which can be hidden beneath any Maxtrix Bed.

When it comes to Bunk Beds, you aren't limited to one height — or only two Beds. You can select a Low, Mid, or High Bunk Bed or a Corner Loft or Bunk Bed Configuration incorporating three or four beds. Like Maxtrix Loft Beds, Bunk Beds come with your choice of three entry options: Straight Ladder, Angled Ladder, and Staircase. The entrance option of your choosing can be positioned wherever you see fit, further extending the potential configurations of multiple beds.

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