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Quality Nursery Furniture with Feminine Appeal, Part 4

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Ripe with girlish charm as well as modern charisma, the Hilary Collection creates a fascinating ambiance for your baby girl's far-from-old-fashioned bedroom. When you use such intentionality in choosing a bedroom suite, the last thing you want to do is have to re-create it a few years down the road — which is precisely what makes nursery furniture collections from Country Willow Kids so fabulous: they can grow with your kids! (While it's not the only benefit, it's certainly a significant one!)

In our previous post we described the characteristics of the Hilary Collection in further detail and took a peek at the collection's 3 unique crib options. This time, we'll look at other pieces you may want to include in your daughter's nursery, to be used both now and in the years to come.

Hilary Collection Changing Station Options

After your baby's crib, if you choose one additional piece to add to your Hilary Collection nursery, we'd recommend creating a changing station. Unlike nursery-only furniture, the Hilary Collection allows you to use furniture that will prove useful as your child matures instead of making purchases where the usefulness will quickly expire. 

Simply topping a regular drawer storage piece from the Hilary Collection with the Hilary Tray allows that piece to double as a changing station. The Tray's design complements that of other Hilary Collection pieces with its daintily scalloped edges.

The Hilary 3-Drawer Chest is one of the drawer storage pieces that can be used for the Hilary Tray. Each of its three drawers is bejeweled with faceted glass knobs, and the scalloped bottom edge mirrors the design of the top edge of the Tray. With cabriole legs and caning on the sides, this piece is long on style as well as storage space. 

A second drawer storage piece ideally suited for use as part of your Hilary changing station, the Hilary 7-Drawer Dresser includes four large bottom drawers and three smaller ones, perfect for storing diapering essentials on top. The tell-tale Hilary silhouette helps create a modern yet decidedly feminine allure.

Hilary Collection Additional Nursery-Friendly Pieces

The Hilary Collection 2-Drawer Nightstand can be used early on as a side table, next to a rocking chair or recliner, and later for bedside storage. The two drawers showcase the same design as other Hilary drawer storage pieces. Whatever finish color you select will be embellished with sparkling glass knobs.

Another piece many parents will appreciate adding to their baby's room is the Hilary Bookcase. From bedtime stories to heirloom toys and the all-important baby book, the trio of adjustable shelves and the large bottom drawer offer plenty of space for displaying the things you love and keeping favorite items well within reach.

Country Willow Kids & Baby

Voted Best Furniture & Accessory Store in Westchester County, NY for 12 years in a row, Country Willow Kids & Baby, a division of Country Willow, features over 50 quality bedroom collections including lofts, bunk beds, trundles, cribs, bedding, mattresses and so much more.

Our kids furniture meets the strictest safety guidelines and is available in many sizes and finishes, giving you everything you need to create the perfect children's bedroom. We also have a large selection of American Made furniture for even more choices. Visit our unique showroom today in Bedford Hills, NY for the very best in kids' bedrooms and nurseries.

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