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Making Choices with Maxtrix: Straight or Angled Ladders and Staircases

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The Maxtrix Kids Furniture System is truly revolutionary! Economical as well as environmentally sustainable, this modular system allows you to re-configure your child's bedroom as they grow. While no decision regarding your Maxtrix system needs to be final, the many options can be a bit daunting as you decide on your first Maxtrix components. For any Loft Bed or Bunk Bed configuration, a significant decision relates to the entry method.

Do You Need To Save Space?

Anyone considering a Loft Bed or Bunk Bed is typically doing so for one primary reason: space is at a premium. When you consider the space-saving issue, a Straight Ladder entry is the clear choice. Also the most common entry option, a Straight Ladder may well be the way to go.

However, you should realize that it's not the only option available to you. An Angled Ladder will take up more space, but a Staircase will take up even more. Like a Maxtrix Straight Ladder, a Maxtrix Angled Ladder can be positioned wherever it would work best for your child's bedroom configuration. If your child's room is long and narrow, though, a Staircase will add only to the length taken up by the bed. And you should also consider the space-saving potential of a Staircase, since it adds storage in the form of storage drawers built into the steps.

Is Safety a Necessity?

Of course, we always want to make sure that our children are safe, but depending on your child's age and physical abilities, you may not be worried about this issue when it comes to determining an entrance option. However, if safety is a concern, the best option is, without contest, a Staircase. For one thing, steps offer more surface area than any Ladder will, and a built-in Handrail adds even more stability. The way the Staircase will be connected to the bed will also keep your child from potentially falling to either side as he or she climbs in or out of bed.

If a Staircase isn't a good option in the space you have, an Angled Ladder is the second-best choice when it comes to safety. The angled design allows for easier climbing, and the safety rail combines with wide steps and grooves for added comfort and stability. Even the Straight Ladder from Maxtrix isn't a bad choice, though; the wide, grooved steps are much safer than ladders offered by many other brands.

Is Comfort Important To You?

Space and safety are certainly important concerns, but don't forget about comfort! The larger size steps of the Maxtrix ladder will go a long way toward influencing comfort. But it's not just the comfort of your child that you should consider — also think about your own! If you have a young child who needs to be comforted, a larger surface area will become extremely key. Thankfully, Maxtrix Ladders are built to be able to support the weight of both kids and adults. Of course, the Staircase will be an even easier option for parents to maneuver when necessary.

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